Sneak Peek Inside Waldo Astoria Redux

Credit where it's due . . . This old school KCMO tradition is (sorta) making a return and one of our favorite bloggers shares a glimpse inside . . .

"The newly opened Waldo Astoria is different: it’s an event space, it’s an overnight guest house; it can be a live music venue; it can be a special private retreat space; there are so many possibilities! So let’s dive in and learn about this new spot you may be visiting sometime soon."

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Waldo Astoria - Unique New Event & Guest House Venue in Waldo

The Waldo Astoria...does that name sound familiar? Longtime Waldo residents may remember the dinner playhouse at 73rd and Washington, which originally opened around 1924 as the Waldo Theater. That building is long gone...but the name, Waldo Astoria, now refers to a new event space in Waldo.