Show-Me Lucas Kunce Against Prez Biden's Saudi Buddies

As far as we can tell . . . 

Lucas Kunce is a "pro-war progressive" who also supports U.S. backed military operations in Ukraine and Israel like most Democratic Party leaders AND Republicans. 

However . . .

Here's a neat bit of writing that picks an easy target . . . The Saudi Crown and their prince that isn't afraid to send his homies after spies armed with a bone saw

So it's not exactly going out on a limb to talk trash about a real life international villain . . . Even if Saudi cash spends well for pro-golfers.

Still . . . 

Here's an apt quote from a candidate who is behind by double digits and desperate to save his political career from an outright election day implosion which might explain his Pride outfit from last year's parade.


"I’m a Marine veteran with multiple deployments in the disastrous war on terror and years of experience as an international negotiations and counter-WMD officer on the Joint Staff. Here’s my take: The imminent Biden-Saudi deal puts American families in danger, dishonors American service members, and makes our country a joke on the world stage."

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Biden-Saudi Alliance Puts America in Danger

Successive presidents have failed to pull away from the grip Big Oil has on geopolitics. It's time for Congress to act, says this Senate candidate.