Show-Me GOP Candidate Vetting Slap Fight

Worthwhile local testimony signaling a rise in whackadoodle social media candidates merely running and wasting everyone's time in order to chase fame & clout . . . Check-it:

In Vernon County, ninety miles south of Kansas City, there’s a new kind of political battle brewing. It’s not Democrats versus Republicans. The fighting is happening inside the Republican Party.

“I want fair and free elections,” said Adrienne Lee, the county clerk.

“We are not picking the candidates,” said Cyndia Haggard, the chair of the Vernon County Republican Committee and president of the Republican Association of Central Committees of MO. “We are doing our duty, as a political party, to make sure the people on our primary ballot represent our values.”

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KC metro clerks express concern over GOP candidate vetting ahead of appeals hearing

The vetting process includes a background check, a signed pledge and a 25-question values survey.