Show-Me AG Against Lady Prisoner Release

Credit where it's due . . .

The top legal dude in Missouri is risking playing the bad guy in an old school case that mostly garnered media celebration. 

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Missouri top prosecutor asked a court Tuesday to put the brakes on releasing a woman from prison in a 1980 killing that her attorneys allege was committed by a now-discredited police officer.

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey also said his office will ask the state appeals court to review a judge’s ruling last week that found Sandra Hemme’s attorneys had established evidence of actual innocence.

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Missouri Attorney General seeks to block freedom for woman found innocent after 43 years

Sandra Hemme has spent 43 years in Missouri prison for a grisly 1980 murder that her lawyers say was actually committed by a police officer. A judge overturned her conviction last week, but the Missouri Attorney General is seeking to block her from being freed.