Save The K Boss Confronts Critics As Chiefs & Royals Consider Move

Former KCMO council lady Becky Nace is currently suffering a deluge of hostile social media comments for her leading role in defeating a stadium tax vote that has sent the Chiefs & Royals looking for a new home. 

Some of the main criticisms: 

- The "Save the K" was based on a faulty premise - The Royals were NEVER interested in staying at the K and even invented phony idioms like "concrete cancer" to garner a new downtown facility.

- No vote proponents assured voters that the teams wold "go back to the drawing board." That hasn't yet proven correct and seems unlikely as both teams are more interested in entertaining offers from Kansas. Instead the vote has sparked a bidding war and restarted an economic border war betwixt Missouri & Kansas.

- Nace & her followers said a yes vote would increase taxes -- That's basically true even if stadium tax proponents stupidly denied it. However . . . Taxes are ALSO DOOMED TO INCREASE EVEN MORE when Jackson County and KCMO loses revenue, community benefit and so many ancillary biz opportunities when the Chiefs & Royals move out of town.

And so . . .

All of these criticisms deserve an answer.

However, what we don't like is any meanness directed to opponents of the stadium tax. 

They made and won their case with voters.

Nevertheless . . . 

It's fair to question the wisdom of chasing a football dynasty out of town. But there's no point in being mean to our neighbors.

Accordingly . . . 

Here are we're linking and sharing an extensive comment from former Council Lady Becky Nace regarding her answers to so much criticism directed her way.


For the people who are saying if you voted no, what now?

You can’t make voters regret not passing that blank check sham.

The process was an example of the worst of government. Namely, using elected officials through promises of support or threats. It’s further compounded by the fact the amount is about $3B when all said and done. Doubling down by threatening voters all to hide a ballot question that should never be allowed. Tax Money in exchange for ???????. Non legally binding promises? Who agrees to that? A fool. Try again, but first answer why you voted yes knowing these facts?

They put a sham on the ballot with luxury items they don’t need- especially a new stadium. This was about accessing even more millions of tax dollars for a private investment (the entertainment center and other real estate projects.)

Who has more to answer for- Yes or No vote?

You decide . . .