Rock Island Bridge: Does Kansas City REALLY Need Another Entertainment District?!?

The headline question hasn't really been answered.

In the meantime most of what the public knows about the project is mostly hype. 

Here's one more example from your favorite biz magazine from 1998:

"The 702-foot span over the Kansas River—which crosses the Kansas and Missouri state lines and has a landing in each state—will become a combination event center, restaurants and dining hub, and trail that will create 35,000 square feet of public space above the waterway. Developed by the city of Kansas City, Missouri, in partnership with philanthropic donations and Mike Zeller, a former PBS executive, the redevelopment opportunity has been in the works for years."

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This abandoned Kansas City bridge will be a vibrant entertainment district

Kansas City's Rock Island Bridge hovers above the Kansas River. Soon it will be home to concerts, restaurants, and hiking trails.