Report: Kansas City Alligator Didn't Escape, It Was Stolen

Follow-up report on this saga that's kinda getting old . . . Also, we're going to assume that the gator was broken out of jail by an old drinking buddy. 

Here's the latest . . .

The Kansas City Police Department confirmed the petting zoo owner reported a stolen alligator on May 26.

The alligator turned up 11 days later outside a door at Lakeview Middle School.

“On the first day of summer school a school staff member opened a back door and found Alex, which means someone brought Alex back,” the petting zoo owner said.

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Twist in tale of Kansas City's lost-and-found alligator named Alex

Owner of Missouri traveling pet zoo said someone stole an alligator during a visit to a Kansas City-area school last month.

Gator caper at Northland middle school under investigation, owner suspects theft

The recent disappearance of a tiny alligator was not an escape, it was a crime, its owner says.