Report: 'Human Milk' Served In The Dotte

Not so long ago . . . They used to call this "breast milk" and there was tacit and well-deserved celebration of the life-giving power of women.

Now the verbiage has changed even if nutritional value and good deeds remain intact.


Health professionals say human milk can be life-saving, especially for preterm and low-birth-weight infants. Some lactating parents can not produce enough.

Human milk is used in the NICU a lot to help these babies, so the more milk we get to donate to The Milk Bank here in Kansas, the more will come to Kansas babies," Lause said.

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Wyandotte County's new human milk donation site aims to keep at-risk babies healthy

Wyandotte County has a high rate of low birth weight babies. A new milk depot could help get needed breast milk for those cases.