Report: Did Secret Pr0n Career Kill Kansas College Student?!?

A recent investigation into the world of digital smut offers a scary glimpse at online threats that can take hold in the Heartland. 

Here's the premise of a tragic story . . .

Even those closest to her had no idea the Butler Community College student in cosmopolitan El Dorado, Kan., (pop. 12,865) had a raunchy side gig when things went nocturnal.

The 18-year-old would transform herself from a cornfed Midwestern farm girl into a pornographic sex kitten named Zoey Zane. She also worked as a secretary while attending college.

Pals later said the wholesome teen had been recruited into the porn world in the summer of 2007, not long after she turned 18. Only a couple of her closest friends knew about her job in America’s digital red light district.

Sander’s secret smut career might have remained a closely guarded secret if she hadn’t disappeared.

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CRIME HUNTER: Was secret porn career tied to Kansas student's murder?

Kansas student Emily Sander kept her twilight activities a closely guarded secret.