Raytown Drops Ride KC

We've noted this one before but here's more deets as metro transit continues to evolve and the suburbs grow older, more expensive and isolated all at the same time.

Check-it . . .

RideKC has announced that the City of Raytown has chosen to end its fixed-route transit service and replace it with an on-demand service on July 7. This means that routes 28 Blue Ridge, 29 Blue Ridge Limited, 63 63rd Street and 399 Raytown Flex will no longer stop in the city.

The transit service noted that 399 Raytown Flex will be eliminated while the other three routes will continue to serve the rest of Kansas City. To fill the gaps, the IRIS On-Demand service will be available to Raytown residents.

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Raytown to be dropped from RideKC routes as city ends fixed-route contract

Raytown residents will soon need to find a new way to connect to Kansas City buses as the city plans to end its fixed-route contract with RideKC.