Ranking Highest Paid Kansas City Chiefs

Counting other people's money is a pastime for losers and one of our TKC blog community favorite guilty pleasures.

Accordingly, a recent guide offers a peek at the cowtown NFL salary cap that doesn't include lucrative endorsement deals and so many costly investment failures by ballers and their advisors out of their depth.

Meanwhile . . .

With so much cash we wonder why these dudes can't pay for their own stadium . . . Check-it:

"Typically a team is on the hook for expensive deals at quarterback, wide receiver, left tackle, pass rusher, and cornerback. The Chiefs have checked just one of those boxes officially with some adjustments made for others and complete surprises involved as well."

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The 5 highest paid Kansas City Chiefs players going into 2024

As the roster construction is largely finished, here's a look at the most expensive players against the cap for the Chiefs in 2024.