Progressives Condemn Senator Hawley For Support Of Prez Trump Tax Cuts

Longtime progressive Robert Reich, graduate of Dartmonth, Oxford & Yale offers up a bit of curious class-warfare argumentation in his latest screed against Prez Trump tax cuts. 

To be fair, he's referencing corporate accommodations that are easy to condemn.

The reality . . . 

Prez Trump continues to garner support even when he makes unworkable claims like his promise to remove taxes from tips.  

In the meantime, the age-old debate over the Laffer curve and trickle down economics persists . . .

Consider . . . Senator Josh Hawley, Stanford class of ’02 and Yale Law ’06, who calls the recent student demonstrations signs of “moral rot”.

It’s all a thinly veiled cover for their efforts to help the wealthy make even bigger bags while keeping everyone else – especially average workers – down.

At this moment, Republicans are promising the moneyed class that in return for financial backing in the upcoming election, they’ll get an extension of Trump’s 2017 tax cuts – which disproportionately boosted the wealth of big corporations and the rich – plus additional tax cuts and regulatory rollbacks.

This could expand the national debt by roughly $1tn over the next decade, rendering it impossible for the government to invest in things average Americans desperately need – such as childcare, eldercare, affordable housing, and, yes, affordable higher education.

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