Police Capture Creeper Suspect Accused Of Taking 'Upskirt' Pix At Oak Park Mall

Public safety notice for locals and one more reminder that shopping at online isn't very much fun but does offer just a bit more protection than face to face interaction with the general public.

Here's the aftermath:

An affidavit shows that investigators say on June 9, Overland Park police were notified by Sephora asset protection that a man, later identified as SUSPECT, was using his cell phone to take inappropriate photos of a group of females . . .

The affidavit says SUSPECT told investigators he had not had sexual gratification in some time. He also said that he learned how to take the photos on social media, and that while he was unaware of their ages, he preferred to photograph younger women over the age of 18.

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Overland Park man accused of taking 'upskirting' photos at Oak Park Mall

Police were told a man was using his cell phone to take inappropriate photos at Oak Park Mall, arrested him, leading to breach of privacy charges