Playlist: Politics Of Kansas City Chiefs 2024 White House Visit

A quick bit of bloggy backstory first . . .

At the outset of this blog, TKC had a streak of winning "readers choice" awards from the alt. mag that was slowly going out of biz and would eventually become a beloved liability for a trust fund nepo baby. 

We must admit . . . It was nice to be recognized. Technically that still makes this an "award winning" blog but the truth of the matter is that the prizes weren't REALLY the reason we wanted to share our writing, perspective, cowtown political insights and fart jokes. 

For better or worse, we're satisfied when guests of the weekly political chat show struggle to find ways to avoid mentioning TKC by name . . . As if our bloggy adventures were akin to El diablo or a bad case of the clap. 


Of course we share a bit of a salty perspective . . . 


The temptation to rest on achievement is just too great for most people to resist. To be fair, this season we'll see if Kansas City's team is REALLY a dynasty IF they can ignore their own accolades at win another Super Bowl. 

In the meantime . . .

The recent visit to the White House by the Kansas City Chiefs deserves a bit more scrutiny from trustworthy denizens of the discourse. 

Let's take another quick look . . .

Credit to watchful TKC readers for calling out a White House visit from an often controversial courthouse leader . . .

The question:

"JaxCo Exec Frank White has the nerve to show up to this celebration when he screwed over the team during the stadium tax election???"

It's a good question that lingers amongst insiders. 

Another view . . .

Forgive us a bit of Latino community promo . . . But when this blog started there weren't any elected reps for the Latino community or even a glimmer of hope that our neighborhood officials would make it all the way to the White House . . . So this image of Jackson County Legislator Manny Abarca and Councilman Crispin Rea represents very real world progress for the largest, fastest growing demographic in Kansas City. 

Allow us another bit of admiration . . .

Jackson County Legislator DaRon McGee has a long record of overcoming challenges and criticism whilst continuing along a successful path. Even better, a recent image he shared on social media is one for the record books. 

If TKC ever took a photo that cool . . . We'd print it out and wear it around town in lieu of a dirty, trusty baseball cap. 

The politics of the picture . . .The confident smile makes us think that we haven't heard the last of Arrowhead discussion at the courthouse. 

As for the Prez . . .

His comments and joking probably defined the moment that quickly followed the EXTREMELY CONTROVERSIAL AND HOTLY CONTEST CONVICTION of former Prez Trump

The Commander-In-Chief recognized the gun violence that impacted the Chiefs celebration & tragic rally. He goofed around with Travis Kelce and, most importantly, strengthened his Heartland connection despite the overwhelmingly red state reality of both Missouri & Kansas.

And all of this along with reader insights inspires our playlist on the topic of honors, award and championships.

Let's get started with tonight's musical selections . . .

C'mon man, you knew this one was coming . . . Eye of the Tiger by Survivor from the Rocky III soundtrack still earns a place of honor on all gym playlists because the classic 80s bravado, strong back beat and haunting lyrics, strangely, still hold up.

Not so long ago, Eminem authored another great tribute to struggle & perseverance with "Lose Yourself" that speaks to his story which clearly resonates with millions of fans.

Again, this one might seem familiar but damn if the 80s wasn't a great decade for fight movies and small Italian-American dudes overcoming incredible odds. And so, Joe Esposito's "You're The Best Around" from the Karate Kid soundtrack is worth another mention tonight.

Like it or not, we're pretty sure that this track influenced the political career of former Prez Trump for both better and worse. Moreover, DJ Khaled "All I Do Is Win feat. Ludacris, Rick Ross, T-Pain & Snoop Dogg" remains relevant as we confront another tense election season.

For those precious few who made it this far . . . The obvious choice would have been "We Are The Champions" but we all know that song. Instead, we believe this 1963 outtake of "Paths of Victory" by Bob Dylan seems somehow more apropos given its country & almost spiritual feel that speaks to our soul as football games aren't really so important in a world plagued by war and dominated by uncertainty in the face of so many technological marvels.

As always, thanks for reading this week and have a safe & fun Saturday night.