Newsflash: Racially Charged Politics Dominates Jackson County Vote

Actually, the dude under discussion is about as far from racist as anyone can get.

However . . .

That doesn't stop accusations from flying in a battle royale to achieve a milestone that has been sought for nearly two decades: 

The first African-American Jackson County Prosecutor in history.

Luckily . . .

Almost nobody paid attention from a nasty bit of click-bait from The Star.

Check the basics:

Comments made by a man running to become the next prosecutor in Jackson County about “Black-on-Black crime” came across as racist and were “cringe worthy,” his two opponents said.

Stephanie Burton, John Gromowsky and Melesa Johnson are vying for the Democratic nomination. Tracey Chappell is the lone Republican.

One of them will replace longtime Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker, who was first elected to the position in 2012.

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White Jackson County prosecutor candidate called out for 'Black-on-Black crime' comments

Some thought comments made by John Gromowsky, a white man, were 'cringe worthy.' His two opponents are Black women.