Meth Town Dirt Bike Gang Brutally Assaults & Runs Over Worker

This situation out east isn't getting any better and locals on illegal vehicles don't show much fear of consequences.

Here's a glimpse at the sitch:

In the incident involving the dirt bikes, the employee was injured while trying to stop illegal dirt biking along Rock Creek Trail near Rotary Park, Rebecca Gannon, a spokesperson for the city of Independence said in an email. Police are investigating the incident, Gannon said.

City manager Zach Walker told Independence City Council members Monday the employee spoke to the people involved before the incident, telling them they were riding in a location where dirt bikes were not allowed.

“When he pointed this out to them, they chose to respond by headbutting him and then proceeding to run over him twice with their motorized vehicles,” he said.

The employee went to urgent care for treatment and had to get stitches, he said: “Our thoughts are certainly with him.”

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