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Mayor Q Keeps Council In Dark About Country Club Plaza Sale?!?

Insiders share a not-so-fun fact regarding a major real estate move currently hyped by the top dog at city hall. 


We'll share in the inside word in a sec but here's a summary of the sitch:

The mayor said the deal should be done and finalized by the end of June.

“I think the groups are ready to sign on the dotted line,” said Mayor Quinton Lucas.

 Context on that quote . . .

The deal was supposed to be completed by 2023 but we don't blame buyer with that kind of cash for taking their time. 

Here's more . . .

Mayor Lucas says the negotiations with HP Village Partners are all but complete. However, the city and the group still need to figure out how they are going to get this done.

“Part of that conversation will be a public/private partnership,” Lucas said. “What type of work and support do they want from us on the city-side? Be it KCPD, response, public works, infrastructure improvement, even some work that helps us attract and drive business growth. Those are the things we are talking about, say negotiating now, but I think we’ll get it all figured out.”

The top concern we heard from plaza businesses is crime. They say new measures have helped, but more still needs to be done.

And so, here's insider perspective regarding the potential sale: 

"The Mayor is going to need council support on this and so far he has been very secretive. That's not a great message to send when he's obviously going to need help. Moreover, when we're talking public/private partnership . . . Voters should be entitled to see how much they're going to have to pay for accommodations to a corporations and what checks & balances are being upheld so that we aren't solely boosting private profits with public money." 

Again . . .

So far Mayor Q doesn't have any specifics beyond a very hopeful message of impending purchase that quickly followed the equally surprising shutdown of a "mid" taco chain.

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