Mayor Q Earns Even More Progressive Love

Once again it seems that Kansas City's leader is the darling of the Democratic Party.

Sadly, that affection hasn't translated into much benefit for locals.

Still . . .

This week's conference offers another opportunity for Mayor Q to take center stage . . .

The United States Conference of Mayors is meeting to discuss some of the biggest issues facing their cities and learn solutions from one another.

One of the big topics of conversation is homelessness.

The city is taking the success of its winter warming centers and applying what worked to keep people cool in the summer.

That saves lives, but ultimately it's a Band-Aid on a deeper wound and KCMO Mayor Quinton Lucas knows that.

"We end up being the ones who have to address the issues," Lucas said.

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Mayors address homelessness, other issues at United States Conference of Mayors meeting in Kansas City

Mayors from across the country are in Kansas City, Missouri, for the United States Conference of Mayors. The meetings are where mayors get together to discuss issues facing their cities.

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