Kansas Guv Kelly Seyz She's Not Negotiating With Chiefs & Royals

She helped to restart an economic border war BUT the "moderate" guv denies direct responsibility.

Here's her latest statement that's worth a peek:

The legislation’s designed to try and attract the Kansas City Chiefs and Royals to move across the state line from Missouri to Kansas.

“I did not make any overture to the Kansas City Chiefs. I actually had very little to do with pushing the STAR Bonds changes through. That really came from outside groups,” Kelly said when asked what she’d say to people who think she’s trying to steal the Chiefs from Kansas City, Missouri to Kansas.

Kelly followed that up by saying she really had nothing to do with the legislation.

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Kansas governor 'not negotiating with Chiefs to bring them over'

Kansas governor is peaking for the first time since signing legislation for STAR bonds aimed to get the Chiefs, Royals over the state line