Kansas Farmers Confront EPIC Drop In Revenue 2024

The drought might have relented this year but that doesn't mean harsh times have stopped for the hard working people who help to feed Americans and the world.

Here's a worthwhile glimpse of economic desperation in the Heartland . . .

Two years of severe drought followed by national farm economic problems including inflated seed and chemical costs, higher interest rates and lower crop prices have sapped money from the surrounding communities, ten business owners, two chambers of commerce directors, two economists and three farmers in Kansas told Reuters.

Business owners noted anywhere from a 20% to 30% decline in revenue compared to the previous year. Nationally, farm income is forecast to fall 25% from last year according to the U.S. Agriculture Department. That would be the largest annual decrease in dollar terms.

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Farmers' financial pain spills from Kansas wheat fields to Main Streets

In a tiny town surrounded by miles of rippling wheat fields, Brady Peterson's restaurant sits nearly empty during what should be a Saturday lunch rush. Normally, Pete's would be filled with farmers ordering fried chicken and cheeseburgers, but as farm income thins, so does Peterson's business.