Kansas Constitution: No Right To Vote?!?

Caveat . . . 

This is all legal theory and a great deal of flexing amid a recent decision about ballot harvesting.

However . . .

The implications could spark politicos to get carried away with themselves.

Here's a report and perspective that's garnering traction . . .

The opinion centering on a ballot signature-verification measure elicited fiery dissent from three of the court’s seven justices. But the majority held that the court failed to identify a “fundamental right to vote” within the state.

The measure in question requires election officials to match the signatures on advance mail ballots to a person’s voter registration record. The state supreme court reversed a lower court’s dismissal of a lawsuit that challenged that. The majority of justices on the state supreme court then rejected arguments from voting rights groups that the measure violates state constitutional voting rights.
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In fact, writing for the majority, Justice Caleb Stegall said that the dissenting justices wrongly accused the majority of ignoring past precedent, holding that the “fundamental right to vote” within the state constitution “simply is not there”.

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Kansas supreme court rules state constitution does not provide the right to vote

Narrow decision says lower court failed to identify 'fundamental right to vote', drawing fiery dissent from three of seven justices