Kansas City Wings: Exhibitions, Showdowns & Dialects

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Local Artsy Offerings

These are the 6 Kansas City art exhibits you need to explore this summer

If you're looking to escape the brutal Kansas City summer heat, there's no better escape than these innovative and exciting exhibitions spanning the local art scene.

EPIC Showdown Awaits

Jason Whitlock Predicts Record Viewership For Fever-Sky Game On Sunday

As a longtime enjoyer of the WNBA, Jason Whitlock has been the voice of hype for the league this year. That was sarcasm. Ahead of Sunday's big game between

Swifties FOREVER . . . 

Kansas City can experience Taylor Swift's 'Eras Tour' again all summer

Taylor Swift fans in Kansas City can experience the "Eras Tour' all summer with a Laser Taylor Swift Eras Tour tribute at Union Station's Planetarium.

Tenants Rally Meth Town

New landlord of Independence Towers faces tenant demands, days after fire displaces dozens

The Independence Towers Tenant Union brought their new landlord to the negotiation table Thursday, just one day before one tenant was charged with arson for a fire that displaced 27 residents.

Living History Explored

'Kings of KC' exhibit honoring Kansas City Monarchs opens at Negro Leagues Baseball Museum

"It's just a wonderful opportunity to bring everyone's focus back to where things started."

Machines Celebrate Angels

Five ways Victoria's Secret & Co. is using AI to make shopping more personalized and inclusive

A new partnership between Victoria's Secret & Company and Google Cloud uses AI and generative AI to make online shopping more personalized and inclusive.

Sneak Peek Arguments

Biden campaign lays out debate week strategy in new memo

The Biden campaign is gearing up for more than 1,000 events in the lead-up to Thursday's debate, according to a memo shared first with NBC News.

MAGA On Roll In Philly

Trump says 'few communities have suffered more under the Biden regime than Philadelphia' in rally stop

Trump spoke at Philadelphia's Temple University in the key swing state of Pennsylvania on Saturday, just days ahead of his first debate with President Biden.

GOP Trap Exposed?!?

Trump campaign seeks to head off convention revolt from its right flank

Arizona delegates to the Republican National Convention gathered this month in a Phoenix suburb, showing up to get to know each other and learn about their duties. Part of the presentation included a secret plan to throw the party's nomination of Donald Trump for president into chaos.

Vlad Drops In On Ukraine

Video appears to capture the first use of Russia's monstrous 6,600-pound glide bomb in Ukraine and the immense destruction it causes

Analysts at the Institute for the Study of War think tank called the use of the FAB-3000 bomb a "significant development" for Russia.

Lesson For El Papa

Pope told by student to stop using anti-LGBTQ language

It comes after reports that the Pope used extremely offensive language against gay men in a meeting.

Crafting Community Biz

Venture Noire coming back to KC with focus on improving outcomes for Black entrepreneurs

Venture Noire is making its big return to Kansas City late this month with a two-day event to help early-stage entrepreneurs plan their next moves and reintroduce the Northwest Arkansas-based nonprofit to local business owners.

Local Dialect News

It's the age-old question... Pop, soda or Coke?

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - We are all aware that geographical regions can play a major role in crafting ideas, beliefs and perspectives. But how large of an impact does it have on our everyday speech...

Grigs Talks Week Ahead

Storms lead to a quiet Sunday

Storms Saturday night but less humid air for Sunday

Collective Soul - Shine is the Sunday song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now.