Kansas City Statuesque : Head Check, Campaign Bounce & La Migra

This early afternoon celebrity German hottie Heidi gets us thinking about the current border crisis that impacts every part of this nation.

And a (silly) question comes to mind . . .


If so . . .

We can see the cause for concern.

If not . . .

Than it just sounds like more campaign season flexing.

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Biden rolls out asylum restrictions, months in the making, to help 'gain control' of the border

The U.N.'s International Organization for Migration is responding to President Joe Biden's effort to restrict asylum at the U.S.

Palestinian immigrant ban led by GOP House maverick: 'Too dangerous'

A Florida Republican lawmaker is leading the push to bar Palestinian immigration into the United States for a period of two years amid national security fears.

Cleveland hasn't seen this many immigrants in more than 70 years

Refugees and asylum seekers are growing the city's population.

Chinese illegal immigrant surge at US southern border 'proves our worst fears': lawmakers

Republican lawmakers are sounding the alarm about a surge in Chinese nationals at the southern border

Stephen Colbert Dings Biden's New 'Anti-Immigration Liberal' Border Policy: 'The Barbed Wire Will Be Pro-Choice' | Video

"It's not a border wall. It's a board-her wall," the host of "The Late Show" jokes

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