Kansas City Star Fishing For Contract Deets At Jackson County Courthouse

As always, we have our problem with "investigations" from The Kansas City Star.

Since the inception of this blog we've been able to offer a hint at their reporting FIRST because of life's greatest axiom: People talk.

However, we're almost always disappointed by the results. 

Here's another sneak peek just for insiders who read this blog . . .

Once again the Kansas City Star is delving into Jackson County insurance contracts and brokers. 

The bad part . . . 

Other than innuendo and tacit allegations . . . Nothing ever REALLY happens when the Star goes mudslinging on behalf of embattled administrators.

In fact . . .

Insiders tell us that they're missing the real story. 

Whilst the newspaper is playing the political blame game to fuel ongoing political beef at the courthouse, they're missing decreased benefits and services for Jackson County workers.

UPDATE . . . For readers who really want to sink their teeth into this one . . . Here's more context for the secrecy currently at play on the other side of 12th & Oak: 

Here at www.TonysKansasCity.com we've done our best to highlight this issue over the years but the truth is that most people's eyes start to glaze over when we talk about the byzantine world of government contracts and worker benefits . . . Even if it's really important.

Developing . . .