Kansas City Stand: Local Biz, MAGA Deuce & Pride Check

Right now the glamorous life of fashionista Kara captures our interest as we check pop culture, community news and top headlines.

Check TKC news gathering . . .

Local Biz Rises . . .

Firm with deep KC ties wins Small Business of the Year thanks to tenacity, hyperlocal focus

A decades-long commitment to Kansas City clients - and the belief that rising tides lift all ships - helped propel one business to the award stage Thursday, earning the coveted "Mr. K Award" that honors the KC Chamber's Small Business of the Year.

Today's Golden Ghetto Burning Sensation

Overland Park firefighters rescue 1 person, dog from house fire Friday

Overland Park firefighters combated a house fire Friday morning. The fire was reported around 5:05 a.m. Friday in the 9700 block of W. 95th Street in Overland Park.

McClatchy Offers New Dumb Idea

The top nine reasons the Chiefs should consider moving to Wichita instead of KCK | Opinion

From stadium renovations to pickleball to Harrison Ford and Koch Industries, this Kansas town has everything an NFL team could want.

Lady Baller Relocation

Former KC Current general manager takes executive role with another NWSL team shortly after KC departure

The former general manager of the Kansas City Current has found a new home in the NWSL.

Real Estate Redux

Zillow hacker lists couple's home 'for sale by owner' for $10,200: 'A hot mess'

In a nightmarish situation, a Kansas City couple recently found someone had listed their home for sale for a bargain price.

Cowtown Cash Crunch Coming Soon

Kansas City inches closer to meeting budget for FIFA 2026

For Kansas City to be successful at hosting the World Cup in 2026 it will take collaboration from both sides of the state.

Gateway To Photog Culture

KC's Most Photographed Door - Kansas City Magazine

KCAI's the Mineral Door is said to be one of the most photographed doors in all of KC. It's hobbit like appearance definitely make it stand out. Do you agree?

Set Free South Of Border

Kara Del Toro Enjoys Braless Drinks Because 'When In Mexico'

Model Kara Del Toro is stunning in her braless crochet dress as she leans over for bar drinks and says: "When in Mexico."

Press Fed Up With Prez

White House correspondents fire back after Biden snaps at reporter for refusing to 'play by the rules'

President Biden snapped at a reporter for asking a question related to the war in Gaza at the G7 Summit when he wanted to discuss a security agreement with Ukraine.

MAGA Deuce In Waiting

Trump hints he has settled on his VP pick: 'Sort of a pretty good idea'

Former President Donald Trump revealed Thursday that he has "sort of a pretty good idea" of the person he'll pick as his running mate for the 2024 presidential election.

Veep Road Trip Success

Kamala Harris is Biden's secret weapon in North Carolina

Vice President Harris has become the Biden campaign's secret weapon in North Carolina, a battleground state they say they can win in November. Harris this week made her fifth trip this year to the...

Another Election Season Nothing Burger Leaves Nasty Aftertaste

Cooke: Lauren Windsor Should Have Thrown Her Alito Tapes in the Trash | National Review

'There's nothing in it that is damning.'

Another Far East Flex?!?

Why China Is Sabotaging Ukraine

Beijing has no interest in a peace agreement it can't help broker.

Call & Response

US Navy fast attack sub arrives in Cuba a day after Russia sends warships to Havana

The USS Helena, a nuclear-powered Los Angeles-class submarine, arrived at US naval base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, on Thursday as part of a scheduled port visit, US Southern Command said.

Holy Land Peace In Doubt

Biden says he's "not confident" Israel and Hamas can reach ceasefire deal

On the sidelines of the G7 summit in Italy, President Biden told reporters he is "not confident" that a ceasefire deal between Israel and Hamas is coming soon but that he's not yet given up hope.

Mainland Dislikes Movements

Huang Xueqin: Chinese #MeToo journalist jailed for five years

Sophia Huang Xueqin had been one of the main #MeToo voices in China when she was arrested in 2021.

Strongman Confronts Resistance

Buenos Aires rocked by clashes over President Milei reforms

Lawmakers give initial approval to controversial reforms as protesters and police clash in the Argentine capital.

Far East Flexing For Peace?!?

Exclusive: China pushes rival Ukraine peace plan before Swiss summit, diplomats say

China, skipping a weekend summit on a peace plan for Ukraine, has been lobbying governments for its alternative plan, 10 diplomats said, with one calling Beijing's campaign a "subtle boycott" of the global meeting in Switzerland.


Doing this simple self-examination now could help reduce your chances of developing anal cancer later - Queerty

Some men in the study were encouraged to examine each other.

Cowtown Buy In

Kansas Citians weigh in on value meal competition, what drives their choices

Competition is heating up this summer between fast food giants like McDonald's, Wendy's and Burger King.

History Off Track

How the Kansas City Southern railroad reshaped the country, against all odds

Before Kansas City Southern merged with Canadian Pacific last year, the railroad thrived, despite being built north to south, the "wrong direction" for a country growing westward. A new book tells the story.

Home Team Head Check

Trailblazer Melissa Lambert helps Royals flourish through baseball's mental grind

Melissa Lambert is the Kansas City Royals' director of behaviorial science/major league mental performance. Her job to make sure the club is mentally prepared to play its best.

Witness Local Veggie Confessional

My Vegetarian Backstory

I am not a vegetarian food critic. I am a food critic and food journalist. I've gotten the impression that some people think that I'm just a vegetarian foodie. Or put me in a labeled box that says "Vegetarian Food Critic."

Firestorm Forecast . . .

FIRST WARN WEATHER DAY: Dangerous heat, followed by high wind and hail

With extreme warmth and an increased threat of severe storms, the First Warn 5 Weather Team declares Thursday a FIRST WARN WEATHER DAY.

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