Kansas City Small Biz Withstands Shattered Glass Attack By Way Of Brookside Love

Another peek at brazen local robberies targeting some of the nicest shops in town.

Here's a glimpse at the aftermath and continued love for this town's last remaining middle-class enclave which confronts worsening crime . . . Check-it:

The only commonality was that all these businesses were small and had glass doors, but the feeling about the community did come up.

"We love where we are, we love the community just built up around our space," an owner said. "We're not daunted or you know second-guessing our location."

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At least four Brookside businesses hit in string of early morning burglaries

At least four Brookside different small businesses got hit by burglars early Monday morning, including French Custard, Oddly Correct, and The Littlest Bake Shop