Kansas City 'Rapid Gunfire' Threatens Even More Neighborhoods

There's an explanation here that's not going to make anyone happy . . . 

And so we want to ask our blog community about an urban trend that's often disregarded amid partisan culture war & so many FAILED anti-gun legislation efforts. We're open to hearing how to curb the problem and convince young dudes to only discharge their weapons rarely, accurately and responsibly.

Our thesis: 

Sorry, but the rise in "rapid gunfire" is a consequence of technology and market forces. 

There are more than 300 MILLION guns in the US, more guns than people and 120 firearms for every 100 residents.

It's fantastical and ridiculous to contend that all of these people are going to be responsible with their weapons. 

Then again . . . 

TKC will NEVER advocate any form of additional gun control. The laws already on the books are plenty strict.

Also . . .

Remember when people used to litter a lot more and now public pressure curbed the practice amongst all but the most repugnant, trashy denizens???

From our perspective, that's the only glimmer of hope that doesn't start with your drunk uncle getting thrown in Facebook jail.

Again, we'd like to hear suggestions. 

In the meantime, locals are hearing a worsening array of gunfire in their communities . . . Check-it:

Sunnyside Park doesn’t officially close until midnight, so it’s not uncommon for many to gather there after dark. But -- two nearby residents -- never expected to hear rapid gunfire.

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

Rapid gunfire sends neighbors and businesses next to Kansas City park ducking for cover

People in a Waldo neighborhood are nervous about their safety after a shooting Sunday night that sent dozens of people running for cover out and around Sunnyside Park.