Kansas City Racist Serial Killer Likely Escapes Death Penalty

Friends and loved ones have waited YEARS for justice and the prosecution is just now starting to move forward.

Moreover . . . 

There's a very real possibility that a suspected killer who targeted only older, white men may earn more consideration and mercy for his mental state.

Never mind that the evidence against him is substantial and nobody is arguing that her didn't do it.

And I guess we've all forgotten of so many racially charged statements attributed to the murder suspect. 

A quick note for #TBT . . . 

'Kill all white people,' suspected serial killer said in 2014

Check the latest . . .

"A July 23rd hearing will determine whether accused serial killer Fredrick Demond Scott is mentally competent to stand trial, a Jackson County judge ruled Thursday."

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July 23 hearing to determine if accused Indian Creek serial killer is fit for trial

Fredrick Demond Scott is accused of murdering six people between 2016 and 2017, most along the Indian Creek trail. Rulings on his competence to stand trial have conflicted.