Kansas City Purchase: Fashion Choices & Nuke Threats

Right now model, actress & artist 36-year-old hottie Joy inspires our afternoon glimpse at pop culture, community news and top headlines.

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Cowtown Day Drinking Season Arrives

Up on the Roof: Outdoor Patios to Take You to New Heights - IN Kansas City Magazine

If you want to see your city or even your circumstances in a new way, sometimes all it takes is a move to higher ground. Maybe take your morning coffee out on your second-floor balcony, hike up to the top of a hill, or even better, call friends to meet up for a cocktail at...

Good Cause Gets Started

Big Slick Celebrity Weekend kicks off with soggy celebrity softball game

Friday's rain briefly put the brakes on the Big Slick softball game at the K, but the sun quickly came out and much fun was had in the name of raising money for Children's Mercy Hospital.

Hooking Up For Right Reasons

Kansas City LGBTQ+ nonprofits merging to better serve community

On Friday morning, the Kansas City Center for Inclusion announced a planned merger between it and another LBGTQ+ aid organization, Our Spot KC.

12th & Oak Needs Taggers

Kansas City accepts submissions for new art project

Kansas City, Missouri is looking for a professional artist for a new project.

Losing Streak Starts Again

Royals bullpen implodes with nine-run inning, comeback falls short in 11-8 loss to Padres

The leaky bullpen hit an iceberg tonight.

Diva Offers Fashion Show

Joy Corrigan shows off her incredible figure in a tiny white bikini

The former Sports Illustrated swimwear model, 36, left little to the imagination during the photoshoot as she sported a white triangle bikini.

Vlad Won't Blink

Russia not 'bluffing' with nuclear threats as Biden greenlights limited military strikes, Medvedev says

Russia's war with Ukraine could go nuclear according to Dmitry Medvedev, a senior ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who also raised the prospect of the war spilling over into other countries.

RINOS Abandon MAGA?!?

Exclusive: One in 10 Republicans less likely to vote for Trump after guilty verdict, Reuters/Ipsos poll finds

Ten percent of Republican registered voters say they are less likely to vote for Donald Trump following his felony conviction for falsifying business records to cover up a hush money payment to a porn star, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll that closed on Friday.

High Court Offers Relief?!?

Speaker Mike Johnson urges Supreme Court to "step in" on Trump verdict

Johnson said of the justices: "I know many of them personally - I think they are deeply concerned about that as we are."

Big Apple Protest Crackdown

Police arrest 34 people at the Brooklyn Museum after protesters occupy building

The New York Police Department said Saturday it took 34 people into custody after responding to a pro-Palestinian protest in Brooklyn, New York, that led to reports of damaged artwork and staff harassment at the Brooklyn Museum.

Eastern Europe At Loss

Ukraine war: We have no Plan B if Ukraine falls, Estonian PM says

Estonia is pouring money and weapons into Ukraine's war effort to try to push back the Russians.

Peace Plans Paused

Israel describes a permanent cease-fire in Gaza as a ‘nonstarter,’ undermining Biden’s proposal

Israel’s prime minister on Saturday called a permanent cease-fire in Gaza a “nonstarter” until long-standing conditions for the ending the war are met, appearing to undermine a proposal that U.S. President Joe Biden had announced as an Israeli one.

Warpath Moves Forward

Russia strikes Ukrainian energy infrastructure in latest attack, leaving 19 injured

Russia has amped up its attacks on the Ukrainian power grid, striking critical energy infrastructure in its latest strikes Saturday and injuring nearly 20 people. "On the night of June 1, 2024, the Russian occupiers launched a powerful air-missile attack on critical infrastructure facilities in various regions of Ukraine, using air-, sea-, and land-based missiles,...

Skyfall Hits Subcontinent

India's scorching heat and lack of water leave Delhi's poor to suffer worst of climate crisis | CNN

There's no fresh water in the slums of Delhi's Chanakyapuri neighborhood. It's 49.9 degrees Celsius, or 121 Fahrenheit - the hottest temperature on record.

South Of Border Shenanigans Spark Recall

UK ambassador to Mexico sacked after reportedly pointing gun at staff

A video posted on social media claims to show Jon Benjamin aiming a weapon at another man, while looking down the rifle's sight.


Why some major artists are suddenly canceling shows, and in some cases entire tours

There are several reasons to point to, including that consumers are simply having to make some tough choices about how to spend their money right now.

Local History Under Attack

This fountain was a fixture in KC since the '50s - until it was vandalized. What's next?

A fountain that has been in Kansas City since the 1950s was defaced in late May, leaving Kansas City Parks & Recreation with a difficult road to repair.

Barrio Earns Bucks

We couldn't have helped Latino Kansas City entrepreneurs thrive without this grant | Opinion

The Digital Inclusion Fund let the Hispanic Economic Development Corporation teach digital literacy. It's being relaunched, and here's how you can apply. | Opinion

Sausage Fest Reported

Eat This Now: Italian Steak Sandwich at The Italian Sausage Company

Italian Steak Sandwich at The Italian Sausage Company // Photo by Patrick Moore I've been in on The Italian Sausage Company from the very beginning. I've written about their incredible collaboration with James Chang and one of their many specials. Well, they've done it again.

Urban Core Breathing Room Offered

340: Lykins Neighborhood Association | Northeast News

Sit down with the Northeast Newscast with Michaelbushnell and Lykins Neighborhood Association Vice President Diana Graham. The Lykins Neighborhood is transforming with improved housing and accessible green spaces in Lykins...

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