Kansas City Prog Blog: COVID Doubt Worsens Bird Flu Threat?!?

A local missive regarding "the science" after everyone mostly forgot about "two weeks to flatten the curve" mumbo jumbo and more . . .

The reality is that a growing group of people is wary of public health words of warning and distrustful of the agencies behind them. Worn out after years of COVID precautions, polling has shown that people — especially Republicans — lost trust in public health officials as the pandemic wore on.

Just last week, Republican lawmakers held hearings on how the COVID pandemic began and questioned Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, the now-retired government immunologist, about advice he gave as the virus spread.

Public health experts worry that growing distrust could pose its own public health risk. If people, especially in large numbers, don’t listen to doctors and scientists, experts worry that the job of corralling the next disease spread becomes more daunting.

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Bird flu made it to Kansas. What you need to know

A strain of H5N1 bird flu has reached cattle in 12 states, including Kansas. Scientists worry about it changing and spreading among people.