Kansas City Police Funding Vote Repeat Victory Likely Amid Historic Violent Crime

Last time around the margin of winning wasn't even close . . .

This time, we notice that even Kansas City residents seem to think that more cash for police might be a good idea given local crime trending upward despite national stats falling.

Here's an overview and more info . . .

Currently, Kansas City is required to provide 20% of its internal revenue to KCPD, but if Amendment 4 is passed in August, it would be a 25% requirement.

The full ballot language and fiscal note will read:

"Shall the Missouri Constitution be amended to authorize laws, passed before December 31st, 2026, that increase minimum funding for a police force established by a state board of police commissioners to ensure such police force has additional resources to serve its communities?

"This would authorize a law passed in 2022 increasing required funding by the City of Kansas City for police department requests from 20% of general revenue to 25%, an increase of $38,743,646,000 though the City previously provided that level of funding voluntarily. No other state or local governmental entities estimate costs or savings."

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Kansas City voters weigh in on KCPD budget re-vote

In August, Missouri voters will re-vote on whether to increase the funding for the Kansas City, Mo. Police Department provided by the City of Kansas City.