Kansas City Playlist: Too Early To Celebrate Crime Drop

There's a dangerous narrative of this election that's even more insidious than everybody making up excuses for Prez Biden's debate FAIL. 

Progressive consensus: Crime is dropping, problem solved. 

Nothing could be more WRONG

This morning there was a critical injury shooting in KCMO in addition to three people killed so far this week. 

Yes, thankfully, homicides are lower this year . . . So far.

But here's a critical factor that voters should consider . . .


We don't like thinking this way . . . But the crime drop might merely be a sign of attrition amongst the criminal class and is probably just temporary.

Again . . .

Reasonable people hope that effort from police & community continue to take hold and we can all work together in order keep these homicide numbers lower than last year.

But only time will tell.

Meanwhile . . .

So many of our hyper-partisan friends would rather use deadly stats to gain political advantage rather than promote public safety and peace in our community.

And all of THAT has inspired our www.TonysKansasCity.com playlist for tonight . . .

Proudly showing our age . . . This Elvis Costello classic speaks to our sometimes overly earnest Gen X sensibilities.

An underrated tune from one of our favorite rockers . . . We appreciate John Mellencamp because he tried his best not to let his work get co-opted by politicos . . . He's the working man's Springsteen without the cringe-y podcast with former Prez Obama.

Forgive us sharing a favorite . . . Peace Frog from The Doors chronicles the violence of the 60s with an ironic twist and SUPERB guitar riff that was so haunting it was one of the many reasons the group wasn't invited to Woodstock '69.

In the past 20 years "peace" has become a dirty word and something that many protest argues against . . . Here's a pretty Gen Z song that offers a peek at the downside of peace according to NextGen activists.

John Lennon was a dude with many faults and some pretty great tunes. Here's a glimpse at this FAILED attempt to garner peace by way of publicity stunt at what might be and early sneak peek at MSM political silliness disguised as news.

As always, thanks for reading this week and have a safe, fun & peaceful Saturday night.