Kansas City Glow: Royals Stay Losing Amid Global Hot Mess

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Home Team Drops Latest

Bullpen blues: Five-run sixth dooms Royals in loss to Rangers

Texas takes the series opener 6-2.

No Cheap Fakes For Chiefs

Maker of the Chiefs' Super Bowl ring sells fan jewelry, too - including $14,200 replica

Jostens, which made the Kansas City Chiefs' Super Bowl LVIII championship rings, released a line of jewelry and other keepsakes for fans.

Pop Music Boosts Local Biz

How Kelly Clarkson's well-timed Father's Day gift boosted a KC entrepreneur's nonprofit

Life's recent whirlwind initially shocked James Hogue - the newly-minted "rad dad" who earned a shoutout (and a couple thousand dollars) on the Father's Day edition of Kelly Clarkson's hit daytime talk show.

White House Rhetorical Redux

Biden's 2 steps on immigration could reframe how US voters see a major political problem for him

Over the course of two weeks, President Joe Biden has imposed significant restrictions on immigrants seeking asylum in the U.S. while also offering potential citizenship to hundreds of thousands of people without legal status already living in the country.

MAGA & La Migra

Trump says foreigners who graduate from US colleges should get green cards

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in a podcast released on Thursday said that students graduating from U.S. colleges should get a green card to stay in the country, a proposal that runs counter to his hardline immigration stance.

Tonight's American Tragedy

2 killed, 8 wounded in mass shooting outside Arkansas grocery store

One law enforcement officer was among those wounded, Arkansas State Police said.

Summer Inferno Arrives

Millions baking across the US as heat prolongs misery with little relief expected

A relentless heat wave continues to bake most of the United States, with numerous areas expected to see record-breaking temperatures.

Temps Spike Amid Pilgrimage

Nearly 500 confirmed deaths from Hajj heatwave as hundreds more reported dead | CNN

The official death toll from this year's Hajj pilgrimage has soared to almost 500 and the true toll could be more than double that as reports emerged that as many as 600 Egyptian worshipers perished on the route to Mecca amid extreme heat.

More Deets As Brit Casts Blame

West provoked Ukraine war, Nigel Farage says

The Reform UK leader told the BBC that "of course" the war was President Vladimir Putin's fault.

Holy Land Strikes Again

Israeli strikes on tent camps near Rafah kill at least 25 and wound 50, Gaza health officials say

Gaza's Heath Ministry says Israeli strikes on a tent camp near Rafah have killed at least 25 people and wounded another 50. Friday's strikes were the last deadly attack on displaced people in the tiny Palestinian territory where hundreds of thousands have fled fighting between Israel and Hamas.

Americans Soldiers Opt Out

U.S. military members discuss seeking conscientious objector status over support of Israel in Gaza

Two Air Force enlistees are requesting to become conscientious objectors over U.S. support of Israel, a decision they said was emboldened by the ongoing war in Gaza.

Documenting Neighborhood Jerk

'Help! I Live Next Door To A Loud Masturbator'

We asked an etiquette expert how to handle a neighbor who has loud solo sex.

Booze Fest In Pix

Boulevardia 2024 Day 2: More Photos and Convos

More of the sights and sounds of Boulevardia 2024 in Kansas City!

Steamy Weekend Ahead

FIRST WARN FORECAST: Heat and storms pose weekend threats

The weekend brings two notable weather impacts... increasing heat and a chance for storms.

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