Kansas City Ground Zero For American Stadium Funding Crisis

The intro to this report speaks volumes about the state of pro-sports in the U.S. right now and a recent local election earns a mention as part of trending voter pushback . . . Check-it:

"On an early-summer evening in Kansas City, Kauffman Stadium is a fine place to be. A good game and $1 hotdogs await the 15,000 fans there to see the city’s major-league baseball team, the Royals. Before play begins, some mill about in the parking lot, drinking tallboys from the back of trucks and tossing beanbags at cornhole boards. But amid all the bonhomie, there is an undercurrent of worry. In April nearly 60% of local residents rejected a sales tax that would have helped pay for a new ballpark. Now, there is a chance that the Royals might pick up their bats and balls and go elsewhere. “If it stopped them from leaving, I’d take the tax,” says, a lifelong fan."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . . Sorry for the paywall for those who don't know how to jump it . . .

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