Kansas City Country Club Plaza Conspiracy: J.C. Nichols Fountain Removal Awaits

Sure, fountain FAIL isn't anything new in Kansas City. 

But this time around we have to consider the all out war on the Plaza from the current administration along with their hostility to the legacy of the KC Parks Board. 

Our suspicion that locals might need to watch . . .

We might be enjoying the last days of the recently renamed "Mill Creek Park Fountain" near the Country Club Plaza. 

This isn't entirely a bad thing given that the place is mostly a gathering spot for homeless, junkies and protesters.

In fairness, here's the cover story that doesn't tell us much . . .

The Mill Creek Park Fountain, located just off the Country Club Plaza, is not running. The water feature is awaiting a new pump motor, city spokesperson Sherae Honeycutt said in an email. As to when the fountain would open again, Honeycutt wrote that the part “has no estimated arrival date.”

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This iconic Kansas City fountain has dried up. No one knows when it'll open back up

Mill Creek Park Fountain is down for undetermined length. City officials said the former J.C. Nichols Memorial fountain needs a new motor.