Kansas City Bridge: Tragic Head-On Crash & WikiLeaks Winning

We missed the compilation yesterday but it's been busy behind the scenes and, not a humble brag, but our blog community has already talked about most of the MSM news out there already. 

Nevertheless . . . 

We love to share with our most dedicated denizens of the discourse and this late night and/or early morning compilation keeps us up to speed and helps us move forward as we take a quick look at pop culture, community news and top headlines.

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Local Losing Streak Returns

Offense and bullpen struggle in 2-1 loss to Miami

Love that bullpen!

Kansas Can't Stop Skyfall?!?

A giant solar farm near Wichita has been stalled by regulators after neighbors object

Sedgwick County looked poised to clear the way for the Chisholm Trail solar project. But nearby residents expressed concerns about pollution, pushing regulators to extend a temporary ban on utility-scale solar developments.

Show-Me Parting Gift

MO Capitol to display Chiefs' Super Bowl trophies

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson announced that the Kansas City Chiefs' Superbowl LVIII, LVII Lombardi Trophies will be at Missouri State Capitol

Democracy Still Worth It

Kansas' poorly attended presidential preference primary cost state taxpayers $2.78 million * Kansas Reflector

The March presidential primary in Kansas cost $2 million less than expected due to lack of voter interest in party races already won by Trump and Biden.

Drive Carefully: Traffic Tragedy Report Tonight

Woman killed Tuesday night when airborne car slammed head on into her vehicle

A woman was killed Tuesday night when a speeding car went airborne and slammed head on into her car in Kansas City, Missouri.

Fight For Right To Hydrate

Is drinking water provided at your workplace? Know your rights during extreme heat

Workplaces are required to provide free drinking water to employees on the job, regardless of the worksite or type of labor.

Cowtown Techie Drinking Games

Photos: Founders score electric vibes, human connections with Startup Crawl's return

Even tech startups benefit from one-on-one conversations with peers and the public, founders said, reflecting on the connections, collisions and real-time feedback earlier this month during Startland News' Startup Crawl in downtown Kansas City's Power & Light District.

Internets Seyz Celeb's Gear Too Tight

Kylie Jenner's fans react to her tiny figure in corset dress in Paris

After showing off her tiny waist in her skintight, sequin-covered Schiaparelli corset gown, many social media users took to Instagram to share their thoughts.

WikiLeaks Walks

Inside the decadelong, global pursuit of Julian Assange that ended in a plea deal met with praise and scorn | CNN Politics

The United States' pursuit of Julian Assange for leaking state secrets has played out for more than a decade in courtrooms and government offices across the world, from Washington, DC, to London to Stockholm and Quito, Ecuador.

Winner Will Look Presidential

Analysis: The debate night contrast Biden hopes will win the 2024 election | CNN Politics

The Almighty won't be standing on stage alongside Joe Biden on Thursday night. But Donald Trump will.

MAGA Allowed Free Speech

Judge partially lifts Trump hush money gag order

A New York judge partially lifted a gag order on Donald Trump on Tuesday following the Republican presidential candidate's conviction on criminal charges stemming from an effort to influence the 2016 election by buying a porn star's silence.

Political Posturing On The Hill

White House accuses Jordan of effort to 'harass and intimidate' Biden ghost writer

The White House on Tuesday accused House Judiciary Republicans of working "to harass and intimidate a private citizen" after they scheduled a meeting to consider a contempt referral for President Biden's ghost writer. The House Judiciary Committee plans to meet Thursday to mark up a resolution to hold Mark Zwonitzer in contempt of Congress after...


Less than 40% of renters earn enough money to afford the median US apartment

Americans now need to make $66,120 a year to afford rent for the median US apartment, according to a Redfin analysis.

Eastern Europe Escalation For Realz

Biden administration moving towards allowing American military contractors to deploy to Ukraine | CNN Politics

The Biden administration is moving towards lifting a de facto ban on American military contractors deploying to Ukraine, four US officials familiar with the matter told CNN, to help the country's military maintain and repair US-provided weapons systems.

Holy Land Rules On War

Israel's Supreme Court rules ultra-Orthodox men must serve in military in unanimous decision

Israel's Supreme Court ruled unanimously on Tuesday that ultra-Orthodox men must be drafted for military service, as forces say more manpower is needed in the war in Gaza.

Dark Side Snagged

China's Chang'e 6 lunar probe returns to Earth with first-ever samples from far side of the moon

China's Chang'e 6 is the first craft ever to collect soil and rock samples from the side of the moon that faces away from Earth into space.

For The Culture . . .

Exhibitionist, 36, unashamedly flashes her boobs throughout New York

Eila Adams, from Toronto, has explained how exposing her boobs and 'nether regions' to the public in the Big Apple has been her nod to gender equality.

Soccer Warmup Celebration

Canadian and Peruvian national teams arrive in KC for Copa America

Copa America is the largest international sports tournament held in the United States in 2024. Over the tournament's 48 editions, spanning 108 years, the United States has only hosted Copa on...

Cowtown Offers NHL Assist

Kansas City plays role in Stanley Cup as pit stop for Edmonton Oilers

It was long way between the two regions - Miami and Edmonton - playing in this year's NHL Stanley Cup Finals. More than 2,600 miles to be exact.

Nicer Local Side Shared Amid Nasty Paris Games

Ahead of 2024 Olympics, Jacomo Sailing Club gives a look inside the water sport

When the Paris 2024 Olympics kicks off in 32 days, viewers can enjoy sailing, which Kansas Citians can also watch and try for themselves at local lakes.

Celebrate Cowtown Lucky Ones

Local resident buys winning Powerball ticket worth tens of thousands

A Kansas City resident purchased a Powerball ticket worth $50,000 at State Line BP earlier this month.

Sporting Chances . . . 

Sporting KC mutually agrees to part ways with Brian Bliss | Sporting Kansas City

Sporting Kansas City announced today that the club has mutually agreed to part ways with Brian Bliss, Technical Director and Vice President of Player Personnel. Bliss joined Sporting's technical staff in 2016 as Director of Player Personnel and in 2019 took the role he has held for the last five

Foodie Snobbery Shared For Dead-Tree Late Night Snack

Keep your Americanized pad Thai. I go to this KC restaurant for authentic Thai feasts

Our friends visiting from California were surprised to find pungent and authentic Asian flavors at a restaurant in the Midwest. I keep going back for more.

Heat & Humidity Collab Feared

Severe storms could develop during the overnight hours

A round of stronger storms with gusty winds and torrential rain closer to midnight and beyond

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