Kansas Chiefs Special Session: Trading Tax Cuts For Super Bowl Glory

Tonight we offer just a bit of context on local football discussion that our newsie colleagues are too frightened to mention . . .



So much for "fiscally conservative" politicos and their election year promises.

Still . . . 

In Missouri we're not burdened with logical consistency and right now the talk is tough. 

Let's start with tonight's Jeff City response . . . 

Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft, the leading Republican candidate for governor, said he is “opposed to providing taxpayer subsidies to keep sports teams.”

State Sen. Bill Eigel, also a Republican candidate, said he’s confident that “the Chiefs will make the right decision and remain in Missouri, but it won’t be because of taxpayer handouts for sports teams or stadiums on my watch.”

On the other side of the issue in the GOP primary is Lt. Gov. Mike Kehoe. His campaign manager, Derek Coats, said Missouri deserves a governor “who will fight for jobs and economic growth.”

Alternatively . . . 

Missouri State Representative Mark Sharp (D-Kansas City) told KCTV5 that he would ask Governor Mike Parson to convene a special session over Kansas’ attempt to pull the Chiefs away. Parson has been out of the country in Italy on a trade mission but is slated to return to the U.S. on Wednesday.

“We can’t just sit idly by and just allow Kansas to steal our Kansas City Chiefs right in front of us,” said Sharp. “We have to be aggressive and we have to be as aggressive as the Kansas legislature is currently.”

Meanwhile . . .

Red the latest news blasts closely and consider that all of this conversation might be nothing more than political sound & fury signifying nothing. 

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