Johnson County Library Proudly Presents Pride Month Selections

A glimpse at controversial Golden Ghetto content displayed prominently despite strict rules and constant parent objections to these kind of literary offerings.  

The message . . .

"Speaking of Merriam Plaza Library, check out the display staff there created at the beginning of Pride month. 

"It will be July soon, and displays will change (as they regularly do). Even so, if you celebrate Pride Month or want to learn more about its purpose, the Library has resources to better understand this history both locally and throughout the country. We encourage you to explore our catalog to find stories and resources that speak to you, but our Librarians have also gathered some resources for anyone interested"

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Pride Resources at the Library

LGBTQ Pride Month is celebrated across the globe each June. Pride Month began on June 28, 1970, one year to the day after the beginning of the Stonewall Uprising: a series of protests by the LGBTQ community, led primarily by Black and Brown trans and queer people.