Housing Upheaval Confronts Perfect Village Amid Mayoral Recall

This week the Biz Journal reported zoning news and ignored the politics that surround the housing codes. 

TKC Fact Check: 

This zoning hot mess has inspired residents to undertake political action against Mayor Eric Mikkelson in a petition that has garnered the go ahead from legal authorities."

For the most loyal readers . . . We share more deets about the economics of the situation:

"On Tuesday, the Prairie Village Planning Commission signed off on a series of proposed zoning code updates for multifamily, commercial and mixed-use developments. The Prairie Village City Council will review the proposed changes on July 1.

"The proposal focuses on three key changes: allowing mixed-use residential development in commercial districts, adjusting minimum lot sizes for apartments, and setting standards for how much of a project area could be covered with buildings, parking lots, sidewalks or other paving."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . . (Paywall, sorry)

Prairie Village weighs zoning changes to allow for denser housing - Kansas City Business Journal

After months of debate, prosed zoning code updates are heading to the Prairie Village City Council for a vote.