Here's Why Harrison 'Bishop' Butker Might Soon Lose His Job

Forgive us our snark. 

Actually, we don't really think Mr. Butker is that much of a hater . . . No more than most frustrated conservative American Catholics who delight in moralizing against leftist politics far more than undertaking soul crushing discussions about the lasting legacy of abuse in their own faith communities. 

Honestly, who wouldn't appreciate the spiritual guidance of a 28-year-old millionaire athlete???

Clearly his fiery rhetoric sparking worsening culture war slap fighting faithfully represents Christian principles of love, compassion and forgiveness???   

Sadly, it seems that most people don't have the time or the motivation to engage in a spiritual debate amid campaign season 2024.

And so . . .

We share this super fun moment of doubt . . . 

It's easier to throw stones and talk tough against political opposition than craft a lasting career in the NFL given constant changes to the game.

Accordingly . . . 

Check this note revealing very real job danger for a conservative favorite Super Bowl champion . . .

"Butker was not cancelled, as few ever are for siding with a white catholic majority, despite what some may suggest. His job is not in jeopardy because of the comments made in Atchison, Kansas, that day.

"Rather, Butker should learn how to tackle. It's imperative to his future in the NFL.
Harrison Butker's future is threatened by a Chiefs teammate, not cancel culture

"27-year-old Chiefs safety Justin Reid found a lifeline thanks to a new NFL rule which places kickers at the center of special teams' most exciting play. Kickers need to tackle in the modern NFL, and Butker doesn't offer that. Reid does, even as a part-time defensive player and kickoff specialist."

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Harrison Butker's Chiefs teammate makes it clear that his job is in jeopardy

Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker is one of the best at his craft, but a rule change could threaten his job.