Former Kansas City Mayor Sly Considers Future Of Country Club Plaza

All things considered . . . Former Mayor Sly James doesn't really have a bad record when it comes to the historic entertainment district.

Apropos for #TBT . . . 

He even walked amid gunfire and dove into bushes whilst attempting to rescue the place from a downhill slide. 

 As an upcoming sale approaches . . . Here's his insight into the unique selling proposition of the place: 

"Here, relationships do matter, and the relationships that people have with the Plaza matter," James said. "Make sure that you're not just trying to capture money, but you're trying to build experiences. Experiences build emotional contact, and emotional contact means that people come back to where they felt good."

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Ahead of Country Club Plaza sale, former mayor discusses 'the crown jewel of Kansas City'

Many people consider the Country Club Plaza as "the crown jewel of Kansas City." Like any jewel, it can use some polishing from time to time, and that's what some hope the new ownership can do.