Reactions to nudity are culturally specific and we should note that it's legal for grown adults to go buck naked in Kansas if they aren't in a "aroused" state. 


KSN: Why it’s legal to walk around naked in Kansas

We're simply noting the rules whilst acknowledging that in the vast majority of cases, at least in the Western culture where we reside . . . It's best and polite for nudity to remain consensual, private and rare.

Accordingly . . .

Here's a note about a local creeper on the prowl . . .

The Kansas City, Kan., Police Department says that on Wednesday, June 12, it received a multitude of phone calls which all reported an adult man had exposed himself near Homefield Sports Complex on 92nd and State Ave.

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Witnesses of Kansas City flasher asked to report information to police

Those who may have seen a man expose himself at a family sports complex have been asked to report that information to the Kansas City, Kan., Police.