Democratic Party Panics After Prez Biden Blunders Debate

It wasn't even close.

Honestly, I thought I'd be able to get away with putting off an update until the morning. 

What we all witnessed was broadcast PROOF that the President of the United States isn't REALLY in charge . . . And that's kinda scary because the other guy isn't really a great option.

However, here's the main takeaway . . .


This quote from the New Republic sums it up perfectly . . . 

"Thursday’s debate should have been a tap-in. All Biden had to do was appear mildly competent. All he had to do was let Donald Trump be Donald Trump. Then the rest would take care of itself.

"It’s hard to see how the bar could have been set any lower. And yet Biden not only failed to meet it, he delivered what may very well be the single worst debate performance in American history. Again and again, with no prompting, he made his opponent’s case for him. He was often incoherent, frequently appeared to forget the question he was responding to, and consistently failed to make the very easy and simple case for his reelection. He allowed Donald Trump—a man who was terrible in every Republican primary debate in 2016 and who decisively lost every presidential debate in 2016 and 2020—not only to appear competent in comparison, but to seem normal. This was a disaster, from start to finish. It is impossible to see how Joe Biden can continue as the Democratic nominee for president."

And so, for the morning, we'll be looking for any reader clever reader comment along these lines. 

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