Can Hopeful Johnson County Progressives Flip Red State Kansas?!?

Partisan turnabout for perennially conservative Kansas is now a question that's not quite as ridiculous as it seems when considering the political makeup and demographic shifts of population centers in Wichita, Lawrence and Johnson County.

This morning, public radio dutifully reports/promotes the game plan . . . 

A purple splotch in the corner of a deep-red state, Johnson County contains more than half of the competitive races for the Kansas House and Senate in 2024 . . . Some other races that will help decide the makeup of the Legislature are scattered around Wichita, Topeka and Manhattan.

In Johnson County, Registered Republican voters outnumber Democrats, and the conservative sheriff promotes unproven election fraud claims. Yet Johnson County also voted for Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly twice and overwhelmingly voted to preserve the right to an abortion in a 2022 state referendum.

In 2024, voters here could reshape the balance of power in the entire state Legislature.

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