Amid Rising Gunfire Big Dude's Declares Westport 'Not Tenable' For Biz

An institution in Wesport for generations is raising the alarm regarding worsening crime following deadly weekend shooting nearby.

To wit . . .


Over the weekend our blog community noted that the bus stop and the area near the drug store at 39th & Broadway are sketchy during daytime and nearly unusable at night . . . 

Whilst progressives are attempting to downplay urban crime amid election season, it's important to consider the words of Kansas City biz people just trying to make a living under dangerous working conditions. 

And, like it or not, locals should consider that a music store owner isn't a an "extremist" right-wing pundit and probably isn't trying to win votes for one unlikable candidate over another.

Here's the word . . . 

“It’s not tenable for a business to be in this area really anymore because we have clientele, I have to walk them out to the parking lot, walk them in because they are being rushed upon,” Mark Dodd, the president of Big Dude’s Music City said, “They are being aggressively solicited, threatened and so it’s not a good situation.”

Dodd said he sees drugs and other suspicious activity almost daily.

“Sometimes I come to the parking lot, and they’re sprawled out. There is debris everywhere, whacked out of their mind,” Dodd said.

He is calling for a larger police presence and harsher punishments.

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Calls for action after weekend shooting at Westport, concerns of safety amid violence

Safety concerns in Westport after a shooting over the weekend left one man dead and another hurt. Police are still looking for who was behind the shooting.