Whitlock Challenges Travis Kelce On Controversial Butker Speech

This wasn't very harsh criticism from Big Sexy and he didn't make a peep about slightly more critical remarks from Patrick Mahomes . . . Still, the conversation about celebrity and public pronouncements is worth consideration . . .

But Kelce has now come under fire for his comments, with Whitlock accusing him of being less 'bold and honest and masculine' than Butker.

'Travis Kelce said a whole lot of nothing there because he has virtually no self-awareness,' Whitlock said.

'And that's not a personal attack on Travis Kelce. It's really an attack on the great wealth and fame and attention and adoration we pour on athletes.

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Kelce slammed by Whitlock over comments on Butker's speech

Chiefs kicker Butker sparked widespread outrage with his comments at Benedictine College, Kansas , where he told female graudates to be excited for the 'vocation' of being a homemaker.