Warning: Dangerous Pit Bulls Freely Roam Throughout The Dotte

Actually . . . This is a problem throughout that Kansas City metro and it's only going to get worse as Spring/Summer 2024 ramp up.

Here's the story and a reminder for dog walkers across the metro whilst so many local "pet projects" haven't lived up to their public safety promises . . . Check-it:

On the evening of Sunday, May 5, Jesse Molina was taking a walk with her husband and her dog Lucy. They saw another dog wandering the street unsupervised. In her three years living there, she’s seen numerous dogs roaming free. She kept a watchful eye but the dog seemed to be minding its own business. Then suddenly, the dog darted at her and Lucy.

The dog, which she described as a pit bull and police described as a pit mix, gave them no warning. No bared teeth, no growling. Just attacked out of the blue, unprovoked.

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KCK woman raises safety concerns after dog attack

A woman bitten by a dog in KCK's Strawberry Hill neighborhood calls roaming dogs a growing problem and is raising her voice to city leaders.