Unleashed Pet Rescue Blames Activists For Legal Trouble

The outrage against this place seemed just a bit overwrought . . . It seems decent enough.

Local news aired a great many complaints . . . Here's a quick quote offering their side of the story:

"Founded in 2011, the no-kill pet shelter at 5918 Broadmoor St. operates through private donations. At one time, it had an annual budget of about $2.3 million, with about 20 full-time employees, and helped find permanent homes for about 5,000 animals a year. That all changed in the past two years, as the business faced allegations of running an overcrowded, unsanitary and unethical operation that isn’t properly licensed.

"Unleashed Pet Rescue denies the allegations and claims that local animal rights activists are trying to put it out of business by any means necessary, including using the state as a weapon to maliciously prosecute the organization. The shelter and the state now have traded claims in federal court in Kansas."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

Mission pet rescue claims activistis spurred Kansas to try to wrongfully shutter operation - Kansas City Business Journal

Mission-based Unleashed Pet Rescue says disgruntled former volunteers are behind an activist effort to shut the operation down by enlisting Kansas authorities, who have been working to revoke or not renew the shelter's license.