Tom Brady Roast Sparks Super Bowl Champ Hesitation: Humorless Patrick Mahomes?!?

Actually, he has a point about the trash talk and trusting desperate standup with a reputation worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Here's a recent quote worth a peek . . .

"I will definitely be staying away from the roast," Mahomes told Pat McAfee while alluding to Tom Brady's recent roast on Netflix. "They actually asked me to go to it, and I was like, man, I just can't even believe that this is happening. But there was some funny moments in there. The comedians did a good job, but a roast. 

"I mean, there's no rules," Mahomes continued. "You just have to go out there and just sit there and listen to everybody talk trash about you. So I will stay away from that throughout my lifetime and kind of just stay on the straight and narrow."

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Patrick Mahomes won't follow Tom Brady's footsteps when it comes to a roast, 'will definitely be staying away'

Mahomes won't be following Brady's lead there