Show-Me Senators Sharing Scorn Against College Student Pro-Palestine Protesters

A local conservative blog offers apropos criticism amid recent uprisings on college campuses. 

Here's the crux of their comments and then AN EXCEPTIONALLY CLEVER post title . . .

“It’s been a total disgrace,” (Missouri Senator Josh) Hawley told The Heartlander Thursday of the universities’ handling of the antisemitic insurrections.

“These students, they don’t know right from wrong; they don’t know any history, clearly. They’re out there chanting what amount to Nazi slogans. They know no history, they know nothing about right and wrong, but yet they want their food delivered to them, you know, gluten-free, vegan, hot please. No bagels. You look at the list of their demands, it’s absurd.  

“This has got to be the most coddled generation in American history, but also one of the stupidest based on what they are saying out there.”

The culture of selective outrage and blind rage has been fertilized by the push for Critical Race Theory, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), Schmitt adds.

“It’s cultural Marxism, it’s race essentialism,”
(Missouri Senator Eric) Schmitt told the Heartlander

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The Heartlander: ‘Coddled’ college students falling prey to ‘cultural Marxism’ in campuses’ takeover by anti-Jewish mobs, Missouri senators Hawley, Schmitt argue